A hematoma is a localized mass of blood that is usually confined to a particular site. A common cause may be trauma with rupture of tiny blood vessels.   Occasionally a blood vessel can break without trauma occurring.
A bruise is a subcutaneous Hematoma.

Large hematoma from a subcutaneous injection. A blood vessel was apparently nicked during the injection causing local hemorrhage and a mass of clotted blood (vigorous rubbing of the site following the injection may have caused excessive bleeding). 

Hematomas usually resolve on their own over a period of weeks or even months. This one was over six months old and had apparently walled itself and possibily even continued to have at least seep into the area from time to time. 

It had no "head" until I bowed to pressure from friends that were certain it was an abscess and I should apirate it. The attempt (I got nothing but a few drops of sera) simulated that area and it quickly become inflammed, irritated, increased in size, and began forming a possible "head" area, of course she messed with it until it opened up.  :-(

There was never any discharge from the open area and it only bled when the doe got to it. There was no sign of infection or purulent discharges. Nor could I extract anything out of it via pressure.

The mass was opened
And a small bucket full of old clotted blood was removed

Joanne Thacher, DVM with Nikki Midstokke looking on


Packed with gauze (white arrow) Green arrow is drain.

Unfortunately, exuberant granulation tissue (Proud Flesh) quickly reared its ugly head in the site
(I've never seen nor heard of Proud Flesh in a goat before), and I'm still battling

that mess today (end of November), but that's another webpage.

Hematoma on the brisket of this Alpine kid was from rubbing on feeder or fence panel. It resolved on its own over 6-8 weeks.
The word "hematoma" came into usage around 1850.
It was devised from Greek roots -- hemat-, referring to the blood + -oma,
from soma meaning body = a bloody body, or a collection of blood.

Joyce Lazzaro
Saanendoah Dairy Goats
Winchester, California

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August 21,2001
Updated November 26, 2001